International Conference for Nurse Practitioner / Advanced Practice Nursing

Dutch Innovation Plaza

During the conference the newest e-health technologies will be presented at the Dutch Innovation Plaza. 

The Plaza is definitely worth a visit: discover the newest measuring equipment, care robots and other innovative technologies and see how this may help you at your job as a Nurse Practitioner. Join the e-health quiz, view demonstrations and much more. The Plaza will be open from Monday-Wednesday and will present different inventions daily. Access to the Dutch Innovation Plaza is free for all conference delegates.

This gives you the opportunity to not only hear about the newest inventions, but also to experience these. Some of the presented technologies will be discussed in keynotes and parallel sessions.

The Dutch Innovation Plaza is supported by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and will be opened by the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport, Deputy Prime Minister Hugo de Jonge.


Dr e-health

In 2017 citizens of the Netherlands could choose from a whopping amount of healthcare related apps in the app stores. Approximately 370.000 apps were available for download. And that’s just apps, there is an abundance of other solutions like Virtual and Augmented Reality, Healthcare robotics, GPS tracking for dementia, self management devices to name but a few. Where do you start with e-health in this ocean of possibilities? How can you find out if there are suitable e-health solutions for the challenges you’re facing? And once selected a promising solution, how do you implement it? At the NPAPN2018 Innovation Plaza you can consult Dr. e-health with any of these questions. In collaboration with some of the most talented health tech innovators, we will help you in your quest for meaningful use of e-health.

Design Thinking

Too often technology is pushed into the organisation without testing the real needs of staff and patients. This leads to poor outcomes, increased cost and frustration for all involved. In order to avoid misalignment between technology and needs, new strategies are needed. In business and industry the rise of Design Thinking principles have led to more user-friendly and user-centred applications of technology. This creative and human-centred problem solving approach could yield success for healthcare as well. In this hands-on workshop you will learn to understand the basic principles of Design Thinking and how to apply them in your everyday work.


Is interprofessional collaboration the magic bullet that will optimize healthcare and overcome the shortcomings of integrated care?  Recently collaboration leaping over the silos of healthcare has been on the uprise. Interprofessionals teams  working as one in stead of in a chain of events, could lead to more patient centred and holistic care. But working in teams posses challenges. How do you make the right patient centred decisions, how do you stay aligned with healthcare providers outside your organisation and how do you avoid creating yet another another administrative monster? In this workshop you will get acquainted with the principles of SCRUM, an agile work method that tries to avoid heavy documentation and focusses on trust and value from a patient and professional perspective. With a case-based approach you will learn about the different roles of a SCRUM team and the first steps you can take to introduce this innovative way of working in an interprofessional setting.


Times and dates of the workshops will follow soon.